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Our Belief

No one should have to live in pain. We provide chiropractic care with actionable and measurable results. We work with each of our patients to develop an accessible and affordable plan to alleviate chronic pain.


We take an integrated approach to wellness in order to effectively and efficiently relieve pain as swiftly as possible.

Dr. Prevost

Dr. Prevost’s mission is to restore the health of his patients by integrating chiropractic techniques and nutrition.

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This guy is super educated with the knowledge of nutrition and how the body works in general.

B. Sealey

Dr Jason is seriously amazing! He adjusted our baby who at the time was 5 months and a few weeks old, he cried all the time and couldn’t roll over or sit up. He spit up every meal and I was told it’s just reflux, well as much as medicine my son was on I couldn’t believe it was just reflux so I met with Dr. Prevost for the first time and he talked with my husband and I then showed us where there were some issues with our son. He had some major birth trauma. Our little baby was in pain and not suffering from reflux. We decided to let him adjust our baby, after that first adjustment we were able to ride home in a vehicle without our baby screaming and crying in pain. We arrived home and I fed our baby, he didn’t throw up for the first time since he was born. Our son was rolling over the next day and could be left alone to play in his chair for about 10 minutes when before he screamed constantly. He only adjusted our son 2 more times after that by the third adjustment our baby was completely¬†off of daily reflux medicines. If I were to ever have another baby the first thing I would do is take the baby to see Dr. Jason. I only wish I would have met him sooner so that our baby wouldn’t have spent 5 months of his tiny life in pain.

C. Ray

I have had chronic neck pain for years and no one ever tried to find the source until Dr. Prevost. In the past, I just got adjusted and sent on my way – often returning several times with no end in site. Dr. Prevost provided me with a detailed treatment plan and benchmarks for measuring results. I felt relief after the first visit and am confident in the plan that he developed.

L. Hess

Our clinic is affiliated with the Fibromyalgia Centers of America

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