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Do you suffer from allergies?

A quick tip for all of you allergy sufferers out there ( 90% of us) here is a tried and true strategy that will help. First clean up your diet (oh yes I did say it). What does that mean? No more dairy, corn, grains of any kind, breads or pasta.

This is not a super strict list but will do for most. I know its tough but just do it for one month and see how you feel.

Second add on board a good quality probiotic (message me for good source).

And third there is a fantastic supplement combination that has been shown to have great results as a natural anti-histamine and its a combination of Vitamin C/ Quercitin. This above combination is a very effective combination in combating seasonal allergies and it contains no foreign drug compounds.

Try the above strategy and enjoy allergy season while your friends are sneezing with itchy eyes. Yours in health.

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