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What is Anxiety?

ANXIETY– A feeling of worry, nervousness or unease about an uncertain outcome. This definition of anxiety would have you believe that this condition is beyond your control and your job is to merely hang on or rely on anxiety medication as a means of controling symptoms. However I would like to introduce a cause of anxiety that science has uncovered and being used to cure thousands. The culprit for many is Mercury toxicity.

This endocrine disrupter affects the nervous systyem directly as well as inhibits the production of Serotonin (the feel good neurotransmitter). Studies have also shown that this toxic heavy metal can bind up magnesium receptors and not only cause anxiety but be a direct cause of high blood pressure.

A functional medicine approach not only looks at the symptom (anxiety, depression, high blood pressure) but also dives deeper into the bodies physiology to look for root causes. The next time you are afflicted with a challenging symptom or disease diagnosis you must ask the most important question and never be satisfied until it is answered. The question is WHY? Never guess always test and Mercury is easy to investigate. Until next time.!

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