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Is your body summer ready?

As summer time is upon us many of our friends and neighbors will be embarking on vacation. With the prospect of heading to the beach many will begin shopping for the latest potion or magic supplement that once again promises seemingly magical weight loss. You may even be asked to become a distributor. You don’t have to become such a victim, arm yourself with science and you can successfully navigate this seemingly complex field.

In a 2007 article in the journal Diabetes, authors described a condition called metabolic endotoxemia. This condition is described as being due to having bacteria (including the good guys) cross the intestinal barrier and gain access to the blood stream where they trigger an inflammatory response that interferes with hormone signaling. This disruption can cause among many other things OBESITY. How about that? A disrupted intestinal barrier that in itself can initiate a chain of events that leads to excess weight gain. This is why magic pills fail millions of people every year. There are simple blood tests that can reveal whether your excess weight is due to this condition. Feel free to call if you have questions.

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